DRC 2011 (2)

Posted on 10/25/2011



1Bolt | Peters的NATE BOLT:Time–aware research

bad research: hypothetical questions, a false premise, opinions are worthless

market research-opinions research, design research – behavior research

工具 ethnio

Social impact of tech

app-driven research, portable research, dual lens streaming, live streaming, field research

from myth to truth

是Remote Research的作者

2 KAYNE BURK / MindSwarms :The transition of traditional methods into digital tools

keep consumer feedback via webcam fast

1adopt your materials to the method; 2 trust, but verify, 3 use right tool

3 MICHAEL WINNICK & MARTHA COTTON / gravitytank :Technology to accelerate the research process


rich cature, on location, real time, instant scale

real world experiences in real time

4 JEFF STANGER / Center for Digital Information : Remaining relevant in a data driven environment

from digital distribution to digital information, from documents-based to applicatuons-based

deta-driven era

5STAN RUECKER / IIT Institute of Design: Supporting interpretive reading


hermeneutic inquiry

folk etymology

enrich the object of inquiry

not right answer, a multiplity of answers: contestable, defensible

arguments to support them, evidences to support arguments

Time as events, complex sequential narrative , uncertainty


6 JOHN TOLVA / City of Chicago :Utilizing publicly available data for research


Transparency: build trust

Accountability: build a better work force

Analysis: build new process

Open data: build a business



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