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今天整体主题是Technology and design

上午6个重点讲的是design research

1.Steelcase的DONNA FLYNN,题目是Design research comparatives in corporate culture,要点:technology for design, technology in design,technology as design, revisity the arc of ethnographic impact, from konwledge building to influence building to guiding building

IBM的MELISSA CEFKIN :Ethnography and the corporate encounter

3Intel的JAY MELICAN:Stories of Tomorrow’s users,关注5-10年后的用户

everyone designers who retells story based on existing situations, recasting them to reflect preferred situation

4Procter & Gamble的GREG AMES & JOEL KASHUBA:Preserving the fidelity of “meaning”
from design research。这是一个我很感兴趣的题目,他将meaning划分为data,information,knowledge,connections,intuition,money几个阶段,由下至上为Meanning,由上至下为Code

challenge of working in the present

a misture of hope and dread

teach people how to see, tell stories

Tools: Narritive, Abstraction, Lensing, Visualization

Role model agility and vulenerability

5 ID的TOM MACTAVISH: The age of empowerment

discover, do, understand, coordinate

privacy, friends, presence, conversation–proper response to the real

makers, social actors, practitioners

放了一个A Dunet with Siri的视频,iphone 4s song,颇能解读人机交互:)

实现social impact 与 enablity technology的互为

6 JUMP Associates 的PETER MORTENSEN & JOYCE CHEN :Targeting research along the adoption curve

design research for technology adoption

how people adopt new things

1co-create with innovatiors to learn to endorse: data testing…

2 understand frame in order to curate: contextual interviews, narrative analysis, semiotics analysis

3 observe activities to find ways to integrate: shadowing, activity analysis, need analysis

4 analyze features to economize compititive intelligence: analytics, heuristic walk through, usability testing

5 spot style tends to play with feature: fashion and alteral trends research, focus group, netro market studies

6 find hackers to inspire a product refresh: scan the resale market, check your own customer sence logs, social media scans

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