DRC 2011 (3)

Posted on 10/27/2011



1 RON HALVERSON / Halverson Group: analytics for innovation in complex systems

首先说了设计研究的几个误解:long term repercussion, side effect, sympton

mistakes are easy to see in hindsight

how we assess the context

介绍了complexity science lynefin framework: complex, chaotic, simple, complicated, disordered

the realm of known knows

sense categorize respond

ensure them reports,dashboards and interface

present the right information at right time

collect data on system variable

little direct access to information

probe- find patterns- respond

real channel-touchpoints innovation


minimum+viable product

2 ARJUN CHAKRAVARTI /IIT Stuart School of Business: Design for business forecasting and market modeling

price is a design attribute这是一个很有实践意义的论题

persona-expection-market condition-environment-situation-context-persona


behavior economics knowledge and mental simulation

他来自IIT的the behavior economics and design lab

3LUIS ARNAL / in/situm : Articulating the analysis process: communicating evolving insights

围绕“insight”这个概念展开 insght到底是innovation还是solution?

problem1 meaning


insight full of wisdom

insight need “wow”

do not overestimate its meaning

problem2 fomula



用了一组图解,1很多点,即data(enough,good);2为点编号,即codify data, organize;3将点连线,即analysis, more anlysis; 4联想到了某物(鳄鱼),即imagination。就这个流程看,insight还是一个黑箱。

this is fidelity of meaning

insight requairs patience

not discovered, but developed

insight=30% data +30% perspiration+30% inspiration(还有10%哪去了???)

insights are a means to an end

measure the effect of insights (and share)

problem 3. people

law of the skillful insighter

develop great insight depend on their self-esteem to conect and expertise

courage/self esteem—-fear/intation

quality/expertis—-embraces/attend DRC







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