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4 KEN KELLOGG & GINA VILLAVICENCIO / Marriott eCommerce: corporate process decision making

courage为纵轴,quality为横轴,1234象限分别为warrior,jackass,ignorance, chicken

quant-qual banlanced research approach

discover;synthesis ideation;concept development;prototype refinement;post launch

go-no-go decision


visually appealing, better to reserve a room

5 TODD CHERKASKY / SapientNitro: Process development from a consultant’s perspective 

tacics for collaborate

what happens to the why?

talk about our work in terms of services we rovide, not methods we use

use tools that encourage collaboration across disciplines discover evaluate purchase access

build an asset library- a way to consolidate insights and make them accessible

gala 360用户数据库

audit your organization’s ability to deliver a cohensive customer experince

multi-channel organizational maturity model

6 CHARLES ADLER / Kickstarter:designing and managing with trust in mind

process-steps, methodology-tools


7LUKE WILLIAMS / frog: Reflections from the world of consulting: techniques for inspiring change

“little missmatched”的案例,three socks一起卖

pian points-tension points创可贴案例

work arounds, values, inertia, shoulds vs ants

tension (observe)-spot the gap(insight)

provide(who?) with (what advantage?) that (fills what gap?)

hypothesis-what if -insight-opportunity


8 ROBERT ZOLNA & EDWIN LEE / gravitytank: data with a POV

data abundance, highly slylized data

a storytelling approach to data visualization

1 put data in user context to make it similar

2put visual ones toward discovery

3establishing a voice to speak emotional resonance

4choose the right medium to fit your needs

9TED FRANK / Backstories Studios: Tailoring deliverables to strengthen your client relationships

self serve-full serve, sensual-informative

emotional(empathy), rational(understanding)

welcome viewers in-establish urgency-bring in heroes-build cause(emotional(empathy)way)

welcome viewers in-establish credibility-show examples-build cause(rational(understanding)way)

10 ILYA PROKOPOFF / IDEO: Human-centerd design for human systems: using design research to understand organizations


mechanistic: scale and efficency-structives, process, incentives, initiatives

humanistic: innovation and creating-informal network, motivations, purpose, stories and myths

5 ways to gain insight into organizations

1 don’t ask, but observe

2 follow the work, not the structure

3provoke the system to reveal it

4look to industry disruptiors to find prevailly mental models

5 find routines, rituals, stories and myths

org insight-org change-org vision=organization design

creating a strategy for transformational change

brand strantegy: not logo, nor identity, nor product, just a feeling

-member experience: immerse, look listen



context the entire set of influences that come to+ emotions+Journey+tochpoints=their experience=our brand

create brands to evoke emotional experience

research+ strategy-concept design + developing-change managment

aspiration and vision-transformational change

co-tech, co-learn, co-design

partner with clients

strategy-structure-process-people-rewards五边形,中间是culture,整体是org ecology

say explicit knowledge: survey, journey, interview

do tacit knowledge: observe, ethno, time-lapse study

make letent knowledge: prototyping, co-design, image and sorts, collaging

say,do, make是一贯坚持的东西,民族学方法的核心


强调implementation philosophy

relevent: not a cookie cutter approach

scalable:facility size/local condition/ budget/project

Kaiser Permanente

一个online toolkit: info zone 2.0









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